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New vocal course starting in August 2019  

Vocal course at Le Mas

Wednesday, Aug 28 - 30 2019


The course will be run over three days in August 2019, when Anton Browne will be leading the course in vocal techniques with the aim of setting you on the road to understanding your voice, how it works, and how to go about improving your singing techniques. There will be the possibility of recording your voice for your own use, or maybe, for you to include on social media, downloads, etc! Anton outlines his approach in the video below...

We have limited residential space available, and will provide buffet lunch and refreshments. Please contact us via the Reservations page below, for enquiries or any further requests.

The cost for the three day course is €250 per person. 

Please select two songs that you would like to use as your workshop content, and make sure that you bring the sheet music/chord charts for your song choice with you.


Le cours se déroulera sur trois jours en août 2019, lorsque Anton Browne dirigera le cours de techniques vocales dans le but de vous amener sur le chemin de la compréhension de votre voix, de son fonctionnement et de la manière d'améliorer ses techniques de chant. . Vous aurez la possibilité d’enregistrer votre voix pour votre propre usage, ou peut-être que vous pourrez l’inclure sur les réseaux sociaux, les téléchargements, etc.! Anton décrit son approche dans la vidéo ci-dessous ...

Nous disposons d'un espace résidentiel limité et fournirons un buffet et des rafraîchissements. Veuillez nous contacter via la page de réservation ci-dessous, pour toute demande de renseignements ou pour toute autre demande.

Le coût du cours de trois jours est de €250 par personne.

Veuillez sélectionner deux chansons que vous souhaitez utiliser comme contenu de votre atelier et assurez-vous d'emporter avec vous le tableau des partitions et accords.



Associate Musical Director


Chris Lee


Chris Lee is a London-based composer, songwriter, and pianist. He has worked with several of the leading singers on the London scene, including Anton Browne, with whom he produced the album Alternative Arrangements, featuring his arrangements of pop/rock classics, and Jenny Howe, with whom he produced a follow-up album Second Take. 

He is currently working with singer Mark Jennett on a song-cycle portraying the fictional Swedish police detective, Kurt Wallander, from Henning Mankell's famous series of detective novels.

Chris will be supporting our musical content with his Piano skills, as well as his extensive musical knowledge and abilities. 

Chris is also fluent in French and German, and speaks conversational Italian!


 Album on SPOTIFY

Anton Browne talks about the 2018 course…


It is hoped that you will enjoy a musical and fruitful event in lovely surroundings and will come away with an overview of what singing practice and exercises are about. Enough that you will be able to direct your own practice and make informed use of the wonderful (and often free) resources that are available online... but discernment is key!

Here are some of the aspects we'll be looking at -

How The Voice Works...


Singing As An Extension...

What Do You Need To Practice...?

Please bear in mind that three days (with a maximum of ten participants) is only enough time for an overview to get you on the path but don't fret, subsequent courses are in the pipeline! We conclude with a relaxed gig in a local bar where you will be able to perform to a friendly crowd, and show off some of your new skills!

The course will run over 3 days, and a buffet lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Please let us know of any dietary requirements you may have. 



Interview with Chris Lee, musical director on the course…


Josephine Arthur, student on the 2018 course…


Karen Jackson, student on the 2018 course…


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